Enchanting Moon And Planet Lamps Will Make Your Home Look Out Of This World

These awe-inspiring lamps are made from recycled garden globes and are decorated using non-toxic paint.

Credit: Pulsar Moonlight

Though it will be many decades before regular ol’ citizens are afforded the chance to visit outer space, one can still delight in the majestic and unknown with incredible moon and planet lamps. Sold on Etsy by Pulsar Moonlight, each is handcrafted by a woman named Maria who is of Italian descent and works as an astrophysicist.

The lamps are made from recycled outdoor/garden globes and are decorated using non-toxic paint. No two are the same and there are a variety of planets one can choose from.

Maria was reportedly inspired to create the intriguing lamps when looking for ways to raise money for animal charities. After two years of donating all proceeds to organizations, she decided to turn the hobby into a business.

“Until now (I started 2 years ago), every single penny I earned went to charity,” Maria told Bored Panda. “I try to help any kind of animal, but, so far, I rescued only dogs and cats.”

Credit: Pulsar Moonlight

The astrophysicist models the lamps off of scientific pictures which serve as a reference guide. She strives to ensure that the craters and depressions match images captured by satellites.

“Every moon has six layers, each to give a different effect,” she explained. “To make one moon takes about 4-6 hours of work.”

“For the planet, it takes longer because there are more layers and, in some places, the color is very thick so it dries very slowly,” she added.

The artist and astrophysicist is constantly changing the globes based on new images which are released by NASA. She said,

NASA often releases new images, so I have to study them and change my paintings according to new discoveries.”

Credit: Pulsar Moonlight

A unique individual who relishes being both creative and rational, Maria says she believes that “people can feel I have put my best efforts to give them something positive that can spread joy and peace.”

Every day, before painting, I do my Yoga practice, to give to the moon a good vibe and energy.

Following are some images of the incredible moon and planet lamps she sells on Etsy:

Credit: Pulsar Moonlight
Credit: Pulsar Moonlight
Credit: Pulsar Moonlight
Credit: Pulsar Moonlight
Credit: Pulsar Moonlight
Credit: Pulsar Moonlight
Credit: Pulsar Moonlight
Credit: Pulsar Moonlight


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