Homeless Man Receives Free Makeover And Bursts Into Tears Upon Reveal

“It wasn’t just a change of look. It changed my life,” he told reporters.

Credit: Facebook/La Salverjeria

It may be unfortunate that societies around the world put so much weight on one’s personal appearance, but the fact cannot be denied that first impressions matter – particularly when one it trying to “start over” in life. Because a clean cut appearance can improve one’s personal status and the likelihood of finding a job (as well as receiving respect in general), owner of hair salon La Salverjeria in Spain, Salva Garcia, invited a homeless man named Jose Antonio into his business.

Jose, who is affectionally known as Josete by locates in his native Palma, has spent the past twenty-five years living on the street, reports the Daily Mail. Thanks to the generosity of the salon, however, the fifty-five-year-old has now received a new lease on life.

Transformed from a scruffy street dweller into a classy “hipster,” the man could hardly recognize himself in the mirror. As you may watch below, Jose began to sob upon glimpsing himself. “My God… Is this me?” he asked.

With a new look and a fresh bounce to his step, Jose hit the town and absolutely stunned locals who were used to his former appearance. It didn’t take long for Jose to receive a bounty of compliments as well as the assistance he needed to escape the streets. Reportedly, the formerly homeless man is now receiving financial assistance from an unnamed company and is utilizing the fresh start he’s been given to the fullest extent.

“It wasn’t just a change of look. It changed my life,” he told reporters.

The video was made by film producer Dr Filmgood and was posted to the hair salon’s Facebook page, where it quickly went viral.

Jose Antonio dwelled on the streets of Palma, Spain for twenty-five years.

Credit: Facebook/La Salverjeria

Locals affectionally refer to him as Josete.

Credit: Facebook/La Salverjeria

One day, he was invited to receive a ‘makeover’ by Salva Garcia, the owner of La Salverjeria.

Credit: Facebook/La Salverjeria

The formerly homeless man asked for all mirrors to be covered.

Credit: Facebook/La Salverjeria

It took a long time to tame and trim Jose’s wild locks, but the staff didn’t mind.

Credit: Facebook/La Salverjeria

When his look was revealed, the man began to sob.

Credit: Facebook/La Salverjeria

My God… Is this me?” he asked.

Credit: Facebook/La Salverjeria

He’s since begun to receive financial assistance and is now off the streets.

Credit: Facebook/La Salverjeria
Credit: Facebook/La Salverjeria

“It wasn’t just a change of look. It changed my life,” Jose told reporters.

Credit: Facebook/La Salverjeria

Watch the incredible transformation below:

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