‘Cards Against Humanity’ Co-Creator Sends ‘Secret Hitler’ Game To All U.S. Senators

100 U.S. Senators received ‘Secret Hitler’, which is a secret identity board game set in 1933 Germany.

There is no denying that in the past year or so, alt-right and white nationalist movements have grown – or at least allowed their presence to become more well-known – in the United States. Considering an attitude of white supremacy is to blame for the horror known as The Holocaust, which occurred in Europe only a handful of decades ago, this should be concerning.

To this day, President Trump has not formerly denounced the former leader of the KKK David Duke. Despite having talked about the potential politician in 1991 and once again nearly a decade later, the U.S. leader declared while campaigning: “I just don’t know anything about him.” Intriguingly, Trump did refer to Duke as “a bigot, a racist, a problem” in 2000, when he was considering running for the Reform Party presidential nomination.

This error and certain actions taken by the Trump administration have caused some observers to draw parallels between events which occurred in the 1920’s, which ultimately led to the rise of Nazism and Japanese internment camps of World War II, and the present arrangement of attitudes in the U.S. today. Simply put, people are worried Trump might become a fascist dictator.

Rather than take a chance on fate and believe that the mainstream press is disproportionately reporting on Donald Trump, ‘Cards Against Humanity’ co-creator Max Temkin, video game maker Mike Boxleiter, and author Tommy Maranges decided to send the new game, ‘Secret Hitler’, to all 100 U.S. Senators.

‘Secret Hitler’ is a new secret identity board game set in 1933 Germany and “models the rise of fascism in a democracy.” Those who participate fill the role of either a liberal or fascist and must use cooperation and deception to either prevent or aid the rise of Hitler.

In the letter addressed to the Senators, the three explain that Hitler “required the cooperation of well-meaning men who hoped to appease and control the Nazis.”

The rest of the letter reads:

“Our game explores that relationship and highlights the difficulty of recognizing your own manipulation before it’s too late. Although our game takes place in 1933 Germany, we thought you and your staff might find our game relevant as you negotiate the power of balance with the Trump White House.”

“Thank you for all the hard work that you do. The legislative branch plays an essential role in a stable functioning democracy now more than ever.”

We at True Activist are trying to remain as neutral as possible when reporting about Donald Trump, as we believe the mainstream media is dedicated to shredding the new President’s character rather than offering him the benefit of the doubt. Undoubtedly, he has made a handful of inaccurate and damaging statements in the past, but the positive repercussions of his Presidency thus far deserve to be acknowledged. Read more here.

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