21 Artistic Responses To President Trump’s Ban On Muslim Immigrants

Artists have responded to President Trump’s ban which prevents citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the U.S.

Last Friday, President Donald Trump signed an executive order that suspends the entire U.S. refugee program for 120 days. In addition, people from seven countries have been barred from entering the nation for 90 days.

As was recently reported, the order resulted in mass confusion in airports around the world and has inspired both applause and uproar. Those who think history is repeating itself in an offensive way have not kept quiet, and some of those who oppose the ban have used their talents to draft artwork that sends an effective message.

It’s worth noting that artist Hank Green, who created many of the illustrations, has pledged to donate $5 to the ACLU Nationwide for each retweet his posts receive.

Following are 21 artistic responses to President Trump’s recent order:


attribution to: Amanda Froelich / trueactivist.com


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