This Canadian resident adopted 45 shelter dogs and a grey wolf. To ensure they thrive, he built them a 4-acre enclosure to run around in.

It’s a labor of love, says British Columbia resident Mark Starmer, to care for 45 dogs. Yet, the animal rights activist wouldn’t change a thing.

Reportedly, the Canadian citizen ended up adopting 45 shelter dogs and a grey wolf (because, why not?) and welcomed them to his home. However, he soon realized that the canines needed more than a simple yard to run in if they were to thrive. So, he built a 4-acre enclosure for the dogs and wolf to roam in and explore, and they couldn’t be happier.

46 companion animals to care for would be too much for most people, but Starmer wouldn’t have it any other way. After all, if they hadn’t been adopted, the lovable pooches would have likely been euthanized.

Watch the video below, in which the dogs are let loose into the enclosure for the first time. With half-open mouths and drooping tongues, they look absolutely ecstatic about the opportunity to run free!

Meet Mark Starmer, an animal rights activist who loves dogs.

Credit: Mark Starmer

He adopted 45 shelter dogs and a grey wolf…

Credit: Mark Starmer

And ended up building them a 4-acre enclosure to run around in!

Credit: Mark Starmer

Neither he nor the canines could be happier.

Credit: Mark Starmer

Watch the video below:



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