Light Pillars In Canada Reveal The Stunning Beauty Of Nature [Watch]

Nature is incredible. If you need more evidence of this, look no further than the images below, captured by Timothy Joseph Elzinga. The Ontario, Canada, was woken up by his two-year-old son at 1:30 a.m. and noticed the dancing lights in the night sky. Without further thought, he threw some clothes on, grabbed a camera, and headed outdoors.

“We can blame the two-year-old. He started crying at 1:30 a.m., so I got up and soothed him … and out the window I had the perfect view of these dancing lights in the sky,” recalls Elzinga. “I had to investigate. I got some pants on and ran outside and took some photos.”

National Geographic informed the public that the phenomenon is actually a result of light bouncing off of ice crystals that float low to the ground. Named light pillars, they truly are magical-looking and were a sight to see, as is evident by the images below. 

“It looked like someone from Star Trek was trying to beam people up,” Elzinga told a local CBC news station. “It was very bright in person, like nothing I’ve ever seen. It almost seemed supernatural.”

Though the pillars have been spotted elsewhere around the world, they surely are a sight to behold.

Following are some photographs captured by Elzinga:

Credit: Timothy Joseph Elzinga

Credit: Timothy Joseph Elzinga

Credit: Timothy Joseph Elzinga

Credit: Timothy Joseph Elzinga



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