Tennessee Cop Indicted for Raping Women While On Duty

Christopher Odom, the 26-year-old former Spring Hill Tennessee police officer, who was arrested in October for sexually assaulting women on duty, was indicted for a second time last week. A third incident of Odom using his police power toforce women into having sexual contact with him was uncovered. The incident took place in September 2015, but the information is only coming out now.

Odom was first arrested in October for sexually assaulting two women on two different occasions. Odom is accused of pulling over these women under the guise of a traffic stop, before forcing them to perform sex acts. According to the indictment filed October 5, Odom not only coerced these women into having sexual contact with him, he used actual physical force to restrain them. The police department terminated Odom, not for the rapes he committed, but for violations of internal policy. So far, they have done their best to distance themselves from Odom. “We don’t condone any type of this behavior. It is very disappointing to us,” stated Chief Don Brite. “The actions of one officer can bring down the imageand respect and trust the community has in us.”

sexual assualt by cop

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigations handled Odom’s case and turned the results over to the District Attorney, Brent Cooper. ““It was with the advice of the district attorney that the investigation be turned over to the TBI due to the severity of the allegations,” a department press release read. Despite the indictment, Cooper left Odom’s fate up to the grand jury instead of having the courage to file charges directly. The grand jury system is typically used to exonerate criminal cops, as the DA has thefull power to indict without them. Odom is yet another rookie cop who had less than 3 years on the job. According to the chief, Odom was not a certified officer, which begs the question, why was an un-certified officer patrolling the streets for nearly three years unsupervised?

The allegations against Odom for the second time are seemingly more sinister than the first. He apparently stalked his victim, followed her to a neighboring county before stopping and assaulting her. Few details have been released on Odom’s new charges. The problem of police committing sexual assaults, is that they no longer are seemingly isolated incidents. This year alone, there have been over a dozen officers charged with sexualbattery or rape. At some point in time, people will have to realize and admit that the police culture attracts a certain element from the population who are prone to violence and dominance. Officer Odom is one prime example.

Sources: WNCN, Anonymous

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