10 of the most revolting foods people have actually tasted

Everyone is a little picky about their food, but there are some things that should never, ever be eaten.

From expired products, to meals children have attempted to make, social media users are discussing the worst things they’ve ever eaten, whether intentionally or not.

Writer Nicole Cliffe started the conversation, asking Twitter users to discuss their worst food memories.

Needless to say, people had some amazing, and truly horrifying, answers. Here are the top 10.

1. This truly is love.

2. Food so bad a bear wouldn’t touch it.

3. Mayonnaise is the devil.

4. This ant incident will make you shiver.

5. This person made a horrible, horrible mistake.

6. Vegemite: You either love it or hate it.

7. This experiment went extremely wrong.

8. Not the kind of food that should be made into a smoothie.

9. Always wash your utensils before you use them!

10. The worst kind of seafood.


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